As a Professional Dog Walker, I get asked several times a week where are the best spots to walk my dog? They have either seen photos and videos that I’ve posted of our daily dog walks, or they just know that I go to multiple places to walk our dogs and want to know some new places they can take their dogs too.

I wanted to put these all in one place so you can go through the list and either use it as a challenge to try each of these walks out with your dog, or so you can see where the closest one to you is and use it as your regular daily walk.

As soon as we decided to start up our Professional Dog Walking business, WagDays, we just knew that we needed to find some really nice dog walking spots, rather than just taking our client’s dogs to their local playing field as this isn’t very exciting for the dogs or us dog walkers! If the dog has their morning / evening walks in that playing field, it’s not going to be exciting for them and plus… we offer 1 hour group dog walks. It is unlikely to be an enclosed area and we can’t entertain the dog for a whole hour by walking around a playing field 5-10 times. (This is fine for dog owners, but when a dog is walked by us during the day, they look forward to an adventure and lots of space to play with their pals.

I’m only listing the walks that we use and have used in the past and know that the dogs love them!

1) Haresfield Beacon

This has to be my favourite walk in Gloucester. We go here most days as it is nice and close to Quedgeley where we have a lot of doggy clients.

The thing I love the most about it is that there are so many different routes you can take and you could be exploring for a whole day, if you tried to cover it all but you can find specific routes on their website

I’d suggest parking in the Haresfield Beacon car park and either going through the gate into the big open field or you can go through the gap in the wall (on your left as you drive into the car park) and take one of the many routes through the wooded areas.

If you choose the open field, just know that there are sometimes cows at certain times of the year so you may want to keep your dog on leash if you’re unsure of how they’d react.

Also note that the wall that separates the field from the lane (extending from the car park wall) does have small gaps in where your dog can walk straight on to the lane so please be careful!)

2) Robinswood Hill

I love Robinswood Hill for the same reasons that, especially in 1 hour, you can choose many different routes and there are some gorgeous views if you decide to take one of the routes uphill!

You can however stay on the lower ground and your dog can get a really nice walk from this too!

You can park in the main car park where there are toilets, a children’s play area and a café.

It isn’t an enclosed area however so please be careful about letting your dog’s off lead. We only do so for dog’s who have a good recall and don’t have a tendency to go hunting the poor squirrels.

3) Horsbere Brook / Chosen Hill

There are a lot of different ways that you can access Chosen Hill but we access it via the by-pass between the C&G roundabout and the Golden Valley roundabout (opposite The Premier Inn and Wheatstone Inn Pub. There are really good instructions on this website or you to easily locate this as well as the different routes you can take!

Just bear in mind that there are often cows in one of the fields so keep your dog on leash around them. The good thing is about here is that there are metal kissing gates separating each section that you enter so unless your dog is really crafty and likes to get under fences or through barbed wire, then you should have plenty of time to get them on the lead and have them off lead in the other sections (if they’re well behaved of course).

This place really is lovely and home to a lot of wildlife but what I love most about here and mainly the dogs, is that the Horsbere brook runs between the main road and the field where the large reservoir is which a lot of our dogs love to play in, especially in the summer. (See photos)

If you enter the left-hand field and continue into the back fields which lead you up to Chosen Hill, you will see the train track on your left-hand side. It is very well fenced so most dogs would never be able to get to the tracks however, if you have a small dog, please be careful just in case there are any gaps under the fence/hedge.

NOTE – the entrance via the by-pass that we use is a ‘works access’ turn off and you will see two large metal gates when you turn off the by-pass into the layby. These are usually closed but sometimes left open due to large lorries and tractors using it to get to the farm and back fields. Keep your dogs on lead until you are beyond one of the other metal kissing gates.

4) Barber Woods

This is more like Cheltenham, but if you live near Hucclecote/ Brockworth it’s only a short drive and much closer than Haresfield Beacon.
This is my favourite walk in Cheltenham, because it is all enclosed. Fully enclosed! But you should still be mindful of little pups finding gaps underneath fences of course as this could happen anywhere! But otherwise it has been fully fenced off which I love.

It’s very dog friendly and has a mixture of the open fields for them to run around in, as well as lots of wooded areas for them to explore.

During the winter, it is very difficult to walk especially if you go through the gate at the top of the main field, into the wooded areas. The tracks up there can get extremely muddy and wet though. Let’s put it this way, I have fallen over way too many times! But the dogs love it!

It is a great place to socialise your dog as there are so many dogs there!

There isn’t a lot more to say about this place, I just love it! (Unfortunately I only have photos of the dogs enjoying the woods and not the actual area.)

5) Bentham, Dog Lane

I’m not sure that this area has a name however, I call it Bentham, Dog Lane because that it where it is. If you Google Map it, you will see that ‘Dog Lane’ (easy to remember), circles round on to Bentham Lane and therefore you can access it either from Shurdington Road or from Cirencester Road and park along Dog Lane where there are a few laybys opposite the gate to enter the ‘field’.

This isn’t quite an hour if you walk around it just once, however you can walk down to the little pond that is in the middle of the field for the dogs to have a paddle and maybe take a few different routes to explore. It’s lovely and peaceful and so close to Hucclecote and Brockworth that it’s worth checking out. (See photo of the beautiful pond- which I think is actually just a flood plain/overflow but it’s beautiful).

Hope you enjoy exploring the new routes and most of all I hope your dogs love them too! ?

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